Online Business Management Services for Conscious Creators

We help high-impact entrepreneurs, experts, coaches, healers, and thought leaders free up precious time from managing their online business so they can consistently spend more time in their zone of genius and make a bigger impact.

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What would your life & business look like if you could focus 100% on the special magic you do best?

Chances are when you first started your conscious business you never imagined in your wildest dreams doing so much “behind the scenes” and gross “techy” stuff in order to make a giant impact on the world.

Every online course, coaching program, digital product, or new launch fills you with the energy of a rainbow unicorn ready to change lives around the world! #hellyeah.

But…more often than not you sit hunched over your laptop like an online business gremlin prioritizing a never-ending to-do list, screaming that your launch day is approaching, or losing countless hours of your precious life messing around with your website or funnel landing pages that you’ll never get back.

You feel drained, frustrated, and like you spent MOST of your time doing what you NEVER wanted to do. We know exactly how you feel.

What if you had a dynamic duo of tech, design, and content creators who can also manage projects working for you so that you can focus on what you do BEST? A cute husband and wife team with more skills than your nerdy nephew?

Can you picture not burning your hard earned money on working with expensive contractors or freelancers who aren’t passionate about your mission the way you are and that you need to manage at every step when you need something simple done to move forward?

Imagine growing your brand authentically and connecting with your ideal customers organically—while “getting out of the weeds” and doing what you actually set out to do in the first place! Change the world, right?!

Look, we both know you have an epic brand, product, and a mission of a superhero. And you don’t need to struggle. You just need a little help with all that soul-draining stuff.

And the best part? We LOVE this stuff! Our dream is helping entrepreneurs just like you to co-create something special. We actually care about your end product and the people it serves.

We help high-impact entrepreneurs like you “focus on your magic” while we handle all “backend stuff” that leaves you drained and frustrated.

Time is your most precious asset...the only thing you can’t create more of…(unless you have a time machine)

We are here to help you and your team with a series of Online Business Management work and Professional Services on a monthly basis so you can focus on your long-term mission while we handle the rest.

You’ll get top quality and personal care by working with a dedicated Online Business Manager who will be able to both manage and produce the results you and your business need. Basically, you’ll get to work with a unicorn. Yes, they’re real but rare. Lucky you for discovering one!

Our Online Business Management Services will save you time by:

1. Interpreting your vision into easily executable pieces.

    • Listen to your inspiring vision, mission, and story
    • Collect all your detailed needs & requirements
    • Create goal-oriented strategies and roadmaps

2. Managing your projects, operations, team, and metrics.

    • Create & run unique solutions to fit your needs
    • Work with professionals to complete each piece
    • Act as point of contact between you and the team

3. Delivering and maintaining all outcomes and results.

    • Upkeep and quality assurance throughout
    • Continuous delivery and ongoing updates
    • Feedback loop with analytical data and reports

What’s the difference between a Virtual Assistant and an Online Business Manager?!

Glad you asked. Just about everything! A Virtual Assistant is someone you can hand tasks off to, but ultimately you will need to direct and manage yourself, whereas an Online Business Manager is a right-hand partner who manages your online business, including the day-to-day management of projects, operations, team members, and even metrics.

Why hand in the keys to your kingdom to virtual assistants who usually work with many clients when you can work with professional and trustworthy Online Business Managers who only work for you and understand the value of your brand and reputation.

That’s the only way to make sure your business runs smoothly even if you’re gone for weeks at a time while being sure that everything gets done the way you’d want it to.

As an integrator of the business, having an Online Business Manager will allow you to shine even more as a visionary that you are so you can have the energy and time needed to focus on your strategic growth while using your gifts to their fullest potential.

Virtual Assistant

Hire a Virtual Assistant if you want someone to simply outsource specific or repetitive tasks to while maintaining control of all the things and being OK with directing and managing them and their work especially if you’re operating with a limited budget.

A Virtual Assistant:

  • Is task-oriented.
  • Requires direction.
  • Offers general skills & support.
  • Does less work for more clients.
  • Requires a lower investment ($15-$40/hour).

Online Business Manager

Hire an Online Business Manager if you want a right-hand partner to help you manage everything because you’re ready to let go of control so you can fully step into your role as a visionary especially if you have the financial resources to make the worthwhile investment.

An Online Business Manager:

  • Is project and business management oriented.
  • Takes initiatives and works independently.
  • Offers high-value and specialized skills.
  • Does more work for fewer clients.
  • Requires a higher investment ($2,000+/month).

You need to work with us if:

  • You are a visionary with great ideas but need reliable support to turn them into reality without stress.
  • You want to focus on creating more value for your customers & partners instead of chasing down people.
  • You don’t like managing projects or doing any type of work that doesn’t put you in the state of flow.
  • You have a local or remote team that you manage yourself but are tired of spending your time managing the entire process.
  • You are doing the majority of the work that is outside of your zone of genius because you haven’t found a reliable person to outsource.
  • You offer transformational products or services and need ongoing help with marketing them online so you can grow your business and its impact.

You can hire us to help with a whole bunch of things…


Utilize project management planning best practices and tools so all projects are completed on time and on budget.

  • Webinars & Livestreams
  • Website, Blog, E-Commerce
  • YouTube Channel
  • New Product Development
  • Quantitative & Qualitative Research
  • Media Creation (copy, graphics, videos)
  • Custom Software Development 
  • Etc


Communicate clearly, supervise other team members or service providers, run meetings, answer all questions and provide guidance.

  • Online and Check-in Meetings
  • Contractors Point of Contact
  • Weekly Team Meetings
  • Hiring and Managing Freelancers
  • Mediation and Conflict Resolution
  • Etc


Report all numbers and KPIs. Create all sorts of metrics tracking systems to make informed business decisions.

  • Set Important Business Metrics
  • Produce Weekly and Monthly Reports
  • Etc


Keep your day-­to-­day operations on track and stress-free. Analyze, streamline and simplify all your processes.

  • Team & Operation
  • Coaching Program
  • Social Media Presence
  • Live Events & Workshops
  • Personal Brand
  • Documentation & SOPs
  • Digital Products
  • Etc


Plan and implement strategies for online marketing campaigns. Execute new product launches, affiliate programs, JV partnerships.

  • Book Launch
  • Online Course Launch
  • Marketing Funnels & Campaigns
  • Facebook Advertising
  • JV Partnerships & Affiliates
  • Etc


Launch and maintain active online communities including content production, posting, admin, reports, etc.

  • Facebook Groups
  • Membership Sites
  • Etc

Online business management meets high-quality professional services!

At the end of the day what you need is deliverables that get done on time and on budget. Problem is, you may need a group of different people to do different things. Luckily, with us, that’s not the case. In addition to managing your projects, your operations, and your team we can also produce high-quality professional services. Anything from content creation all the way to website design, marketing funnels and automation.

Maybe you need help with your next online product launch or perhaps you need emergency support because your shopping cart stopped working or your website is down. No matter what, you can count on us to help you run your online business as smooth as possible.

We are a dynamic duo with complementary skills and can easily back each other up exactly when you need all the support you could get. Plus we can offer our services both in English and Spanish. Hola! 🙂

Content and Media

Produce graphics for social media content, guides, e-books, custom illustrations, videos, etc.

Design and Development

Design and develop websites blogs, and landing pages including copywriting.

Marketing and Automation

Plan and manage marketing funnels, webinars, Facebook Ads, workflow automation, etc.

Here's everything you get on a monthly basis...

As long as something can be done online, we can do it. Plus you get the peace of mind that a couple of professionals are handling your projects so your online business can continue to serve your customers even when you’re sleeping or taking time off. By working with us you’ll get:

  • A dynamic duo with everything you need
  • Content creation & online marketing services
  • Unlimited support (email, chat, text, calls)
  • Completed tasks, projects, and deliverables

Our services can be adjusted to your exact needs but they typically start on a part-time basis. Are you ready to talk to us? Please use the button below to book a FREE 20-min strategy session!

Are you our ideal client?

As conscious creators ourselves we take pride in helping other conscious creators who are leveraging their businesses to transform lives and make the world a better place in the process.

That’s why we only help 3-4 clients at a time who are looking for dedicated online business management services on a part-time basis.

Our ideal client:

😋 Wants to scale their business to make a bigger impact without wasting time, energy or other resources in the process.

😋 Values the importance of partnerships and collaboration with their teams and others who help them execute on their vision and mission.

😋 Has ongoing needs for growing and managing their online business and is looking for long-term partners to support them along the way.

😋 Is willing to let go of control so they can really step into their role as a visionary.

Who is NOT our ideal client?

If you believe the sole purpose of running a business is to generate profit at all cost then you’re in the wrong place. We understand the importance of making a profit to grow a business but we also believe that businesses can have other meaningful purposes that go beyond only generating profit.

That’s why we will NOT work with a client who:

😕 Looks for ways to cut corners and deliver low-quality results just to increase their short-term profit.

😕 Doesn’t respect the value of service providers who work hard to turn their vision into reality.

😕 Only needs one-time deliverables instead of working with long-term partners on a monthly basis.

😕 Loves being in control of everything and is not willing to let go and trust others.

Hi, we're Ona and Pedram. Nice to meet you!

We’re a team on a mission to leverage our skills to improve the world. As parents, we have a vision for the world we want our daughter to grow up in. In that world, businesses are used as vehicles to create solutions that enhance the quality of life for people.

The challenge is, for these businesses to fully succeed and grow globally, the people behind them need to focus all their time and energy on what they do best instead of managing their online business.

That’s where we come in. We only work with 3-4 unique clients at a time who share the same values so we can act as their long-term partners like sidekicks do for superheroes or COOs do for CEOs.

We’re constantly learning and growing by leveraging online courses, programs, books, and events so we can stay up-to-date while expanding our wisdom and experiences to create the best quality work for our clients.

We love working with others in a team but can also work well without supervision while making data-driven and intuitive decisions without guidance.

We can juggle between different tasks, projects, and priorities, work calmly under pressure, have excellent attention to details (borderline OCD) while practicing honest and open communication.

Additionally, we practice daily yoga, mindfulness, and meditation amongst other spiritual practices so we can bring positive energy and a sense of calmness into our work.

Pedram Dara

I’m completely familiar with all aspects of running a successful online business from creating products all the way to launching and marketing them online while managing the entire process.

Over the past five years, I’ve worked in Product Management and Online Marketing space for fast-growing tech startups and personality based entrepreneurs where I’ve helped directly with the making and marketing of various web and mobile products as well as online courses and coaching programs.

I previously worked in the media and production industry. During that time, I helped with producing visual effects for blockbuster movies for Hollywood studios. I also produced animated explainer demo videos for fortune 100 companies as well as many Silicon Valley startups.

When not helping clients with their online business, I work on The Fulfilled Parent initiative with a mission to help modern parents leverage parenthood as a forcing function for personal growth and transformation.

Ona Praderas

I’m comfortable managing the processes required to run a successful online business from planning to execution. I love to come up with strategic and creative ways to launch and market products or services online.

In the past five years, I’ve worked as a designer/illustrator and project manager helping clients create and market websites, products, online courses or programs, plus in 2016 I self-published my own children’s book.

I previously worked in the media and production industry as a multimedia designer and a creative director both as an employee and a consultant for the biggest publicity agencies in Barcelona, Spain. During that period, I worked with powerful and global brands such as Audi and BMW and created content for popular children series for North American TV stations.

When not helping clients with their online business, I work on The Fulfilled Parent with a mission to help modern parents leverage parenthood as a forcing function for personal growth and transformation.

Here’s why you’ll ❤️ working with us!

In a nutshell, working with us is like having the perfect combination of an employee and a consultant. You’ll get the best of the two worlds. The reliability that comes from having an employee plus the work without supervision style that comes from a consultant.

Not only can we improve your online business management but also we can produce creative content and implement marketing strategies that drive measurable results for your business. This is something you can almost never get from hiring virtual assistants, freelancers or other online business managers.

Plus, we:

  • Adapt to your existing processes and tools so there’s no need to change anything before hiring us.
  • Offer both creative and analytical perspectives to handle all required projects within your business.
  • Bring over two decades of combined expertise and experiences working in the online and digital space into your business.
  • Run our own online business so we know exactly what it takes to make your business thrive without losing your inner peace.

Tired of paying for work that you could have done better yourself? Yup, we hate that too!

That’s why we view our clients as partners because we want their success and take pride in the value they create in the world.

So to ensure we get into the right partnerships, we start with a test project within the first 30-day period. During this time, we both get a real chance to see how we work together and whether or not there’s a synergy for a long-lasting collaboration and partnership.

If for some reason we are not both super satisfied during our test project, you keep the results we’ve delivered and we keep the first month’s fee. This way there’s no risk for either party.

I can save money while getting MORE professional help? You Crazy?!

Yup, try adding up all the money you have spent in the last year on designers, contractors, copywriters, VA’s, tech support, video creation, Facebook ad managers…. Yeah, mucho, no?

What if for ONE low price per month you could budget in and know EXACTLY what your costs are for every epic project you wanted to launch? No more surprises….one predictable price.

Want to know what others say about us?

Here are a few testimonials from clients who’ve trusted us with helping with their projects of all sizes. You can sit back, relax, and leave the key to your kingdom while fully trusting that your business is in caring hands.

I like Pedram’s understanding of product and marketing strategy and his genuine goodness. Pedram’s perseverance to solve problems is relentless and comes from a place of deep caring. MEHRDAD FATOURECHI

CTO, BroadbandTV Corp

Ona is an extremely professional and reliable person. I like working with her as she is great at understanding our needs and delivering awesome videos that exceed our expectations. PAOLA FRANCIS

Planning & Strategy, Blue Moon Design

Pedram was reliable, detailed oriented, and always did his best to make clients happy and deliver projects on time. He was a pleasure to work with and I miss his great attitude and professionalism. MIGUEL HERNANDEZ

CEO, Grumo Media

Ona has a great passion for what she does and takes cares of little details, not only in her work but also with the energy that she creates in the work environment. Ona’s team spirit is always positive. ESTEVE TRAVESET

Creative Director, Herraizsoto & co

Ready to co-create some magic together?

So you want to get a couple of pros on your team all focused on making you shine. Awesome! To get started, book a strategy session with us so we can connect and show you how exactly we can help you focus on your mission while we handle the rest. We’re currently open for only 1 other client. So book your free 20-minute call with us now!

We’d love to get on a call if you:

  • Are tired of being buried in the weeds doing all the things that drain you.
  • Are ready to invest in yourself and your business to take it to the next level.
  • Are excited to save money and get back countless hours of your life.

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